Occupy Sheffield has a public list, Occupy Sheffield News, a low volume announcements list — join this one if you want a small number of emails with news from Occupy Sheffield.

Occupy Sheffield News Email List

You can join the Occupy Sheffield News list by entering your email address in the form below and then responding to the email you will receive.

This is a moderated list, generally only emails from Occupy Sheffield will be sent out, but if you have some Occupy Sheffield related news you can send a message to the list using this address, occupysheffieldnews@email-lists.org, if your email isn’t approved then please use the discussion list.

You can leave this list by using the member options page.

If you have any problems with the list you can email the admins at list-admin@occupysheffield.org.uk.

Please note that this list has public archives, if you want to send a private message to Occupy Sheffield use info@occupysheffield.org.uk.