Occupy Sheffield have come to an agreement with the proprietor of the Citadel of Hope building. At the application for Possession hearing taking place at Sheffield County Courts on 18th January, both parties will agree an end date for the occupation set for one month’s time. This stay of execution will enable negotiations to continue between the occupiers and the proprietor, to determine if there can be a proper legal basis for the use of the building. This agreement, which has only been possible due to direct and open discussions between Occupy Sheffield and the proprietor, will be ratified by tomorrow’s court proceedings.

We are pleased to have been able to engage the proprietor constructively in a progressive and forward looking manner and that the time and energy of costly legal wrangles has been averted and our energies can be more effectively focused.

It is worth noting that the council have an active ‘temporary use’ strategy in this part of the city, and we certainly hope that the use of the Citadel by Occupy Sheffield would be supported by Sheffield City Council.

Occupy Sheffield is also engaged with Sheffield Cathedral in another legal action due in Court on 26th January. We would like to be able to engage with the Cathedral in a similarly progressive and open manner, and save all parties the considerable time and energy of a prolonged dispute. Therefore our invitation to the Dean Peter Bradley to visit the camp remains: We would love him to engage with us directly, and experience some of the love, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit which has marked the Occupy camp. In recent radio interviews, Mr Bradley has raised his concerns over attending the camp, and has cited his fear that he would be subject to ‘the anger of 30 people’. We would like to reassure Mr Bradley that this will not be the case. We certainly do not see him as a Daniel and ask him not to see us as Lions!

Occupy Sheffield